Sunday, 19 July 2009

My favourite cake ever!

It's....(deep breath)...Cthulhu! The soft-toy version! I love this cake so much!!

30th birthday surprise

Portsmouth (her team) vs Aston Villa (his team). The score is 2-0 to Portsmouth. The couple's unborn son has just scored for Portsmouth. Oh, and the cake is for him!

Walking boots...

This one was for a 60th birthday. The poor man had got to 60 years old and never had a birthday party!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Look, I had to model them didn't I??

This was requested mid-week and I just couldn't resist. Most of the men who have seen it appreciate the jelly tot nipples, all except one who asked 'what other parts do you do?'

Whatever's requested. I'm just the cake-maker. :)

Dragon Boat Cake

We made this cake as part of a fundraising event for Martin House Children's Hospice in Wetherby. The main event was a dragon boat race in Leeds (see the Martin House website for those pics; I'm the one dressed as a parrot) but we held a 'guess the weight of the cake' and the winner got to keep it. Oddly enough the girl who won't first guess was 'I don't know...a stone?'

All the people are modelled on the actual dragon boat racers. Again, I'm the parrot, and apologies to Jonny who ended up in the water.

*By the way, we raised £1,170 in total. Not bad eh?

Light Saber cake

You'd be amazed how many people were rude about this one. Well, he did want it to be red...

Moving swiftly on, Paul bet us that we couldn't make him this cake. We made it when he left our team at work and he was suitably in awe. The only way he'd have loved it more would be if it had been made of cheese.

Sumo cake!

My personal favourite. This one was so much fun. Made for a thirteen year-old's birthday party where the guests played with sumo suits. Fantastic. Thanks to the birthday boy's mum for letting me do this. Notice the Liverpool FC and Huddersfield Giants loincloths (what is the technical term for a sumo wrestler's pants?)

The finished cake will be posted when I get the pics from Rich's hard drive.

My Little Pony Castle

This was for a friend's 30th birthday: the theme was 'Kids of the 80's'. I have it on good authority that the birthday girl will be dressed as She-Ra on the special day.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Land Rover cake Mk II - this time it's a Defender!

This was commissioned by two friends at work for another friend's 40th birthday. I think it's my favourite so far. I had such fun building it!

Plus, I have a new toy. Edible glue! Rah!

I can't take credit for the roof-rack though - I passed a couple of chopsticks, some kebab skewers and tinfoil to Rich and that's how it came back. He did the hubcaps too - with a mini flower cutter!

6,000 calorie cake!

This was made on request for my husband and our friends during a game of Necromunda that lasted all afternoon (I shouldn't even know that much about Games Workshop!)

It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate truffles. But half-fat creme fraiche so that's OK! I have it on good authority that it has all gone now.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

...I will wear purple...with a red hat...

This was for a very close friend's 60th birthday. Based on the Jenny Joseph poem 'Warning'. If you haven't heard it, you can read it here.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Triathlon cake

This was for a friend's birthday. He's the instigator of the triathlon training that seems to be taking over our lives. This is his cake...

Sarah's cake

This was fantastic (although the design was 'borrowed' from the Jane Asher site. A passing child commented: "I never knew Aladdin was so fat!"
My argument is that he and Jasmine have been married for a few years and now they're comfortable.

Sweet shop cake

For a great friend's 40th birthday and weekend away (with included sweet shop, cocktail fountain and candy floss machine) we made this birthday cake. Note the fish shop joined on - they own a fish and chip shop! (We couldn't resist!)

(About the photos - it was a masquerade pyjama party!)

Huddersfield Town...

Another good friend retired and here is the cake that we made this diehard Huddersfield Town fan. Ignore the fact that the terrier looks a little like Brian Blessed...please....

Manager's Retirement Cake

A manager and friend retired and vowed to spend more time playing golf. So here's how Rich and I commemorated his leaving:

50th Birthday

We made this for a very good friend. Good old reliable whisky fruit cake and a design to match her invitations. Very classy.

Father's Day Dalek!

Rich and I made this for my Dad for Father's Day. Probably more food colouring than is legal, but I had a hankering to make a Dalek cake with Smarties for the studs, and this was the unfortunate result!

Christmas present cake 2007

I made a couple of these for family members - it was my first attempt at this kind of thing with nuts and cherries...I'm a bit pleased!

..Wine was not mine - honest!

Happy New Year! (2007)

Unsurprisingly, these are the cakes that I made and decorated for our 2007 new year party.

Unfortunately, people cut into the chocolate cake before hubby could take a picture. Still, I guess that's a compliment.

Land Rover Cake

I made this for my dad's 60th. He's always wanted a Land Rover and I think this is the best he'll get! (Hopefully not, Dad!) This took about 7 hours from start to finish, not including baking the cake.