Wednesday, 9 June 2010


This was another squidgy chocolate cake and weighed an absolute ton! It was for a friend's nephew's 18th birthday.

Boobies Mk. II

These were for another good friend's husband and were actually chocolate muffins!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bride cuts the cake

Now this is when you know that your cake's appreciated! A proud moment in any cake-maker's life! Thanks, Sarah. :)

Rich's cousin's wedding cake and themed bun dessert

Now this was a very satisfying project. (By the way, please excuse any typos, I blame the cat on my laptop!) Rich's cousin was married recently and we made; you've got it, the squidgy chocolate cake for her wedding cake. The base was two eggless sponges piled on top of one another; both 12" square (I have no idea how I got them there!) and the buns were vanilla with piped vanilla buttercream and handmade Maori symbols (unfurling fern and fishhook) on top. The cake itself was in the shape of a Maori triple twist, which was totally beyond me but Rich used his brain and came up with the goods!

HMS Victory

I had forgotten that I'd once been to see this ship until a good friend asked for this for his dad's birthday. Credit goes to Rich for the cannons made of cut-down liquorice pipes - genius!

Simpsons cake

This cake made me happy. It was for the son of a friend at work and it was fun and great from start to finish! Bart wore a karate suit as the birthday boy loves the Simpsons and his karate classes.

Caravan! (Or back to where it all started.)

This was for my dad's 65th birthday. I remember the cake things starting 5 years ago on his 60th when I wanted to make him a special cake (see the first post). Hooray for my dad!!!

Evil pumpkin!!! *eeeep*

Obviously a cake for our neighbour's Hallowe'en party. This one came from the - er - unique mind of Rich...but I take full credit for the expressions of fear on the little pumpkins!


For my cousin's vegetable themed fancy dress party, hosted by Rich and me...a broccoli* cake!

*It was lemon madeira really.

Hogwarts castle

Another squidgy chocolate cake: this time for Rich's lovely cousin's 27th birthday: a Harry Potter- themed fancy dress. Please note the giant squid in the lake in front of the castle.

Peppa Pig!

This cake was for a two year-old girl's birthday. More people should have Peppa Pig birthday cakes; they're a joy to make!

By the way, it was very squidgy chocolate cake.

90th birthday

The spec was 'something shaped like a '90' with flowers'.


After a lot of thinking, this was a really fun cake to do. The celebration was 'happy new helicopter pilot's licence!'