Thursday, 18 June 2009


Look, I had to model them didn't I??

This was requested mid-week and I just couldn't resist. Most of the men who have seen it appreciate the jelly tot nipples, all except one who asked 'what other parts do you do?'

Whatever's requested. I'm just the cake-maker. :)

Dragon Boat Cake

We made this cake as part of a fundraising event for Martin House Children's Hospice in Wetherby. The main event was a dragon boat race in Leeds (see the Martin House website for those pics; I'm the one dressed as a parrot) but we held a 'guess the weight of the cake' and the winner got to keep it. Oddly enough the girl who won't first guess was 'I don't know...a stone?'

All the people are modelled on the actual dragon boat racers. Again, I'm the parrot, and apologies to Jonny who ended up in the water.

*By the way, we raised £1,170 in total. Not bad eh?

Light Saber cake

You'd be amazed how many people were rude about this one. Well, he did want it to be red...

Moving swiftly on, Paul bet us that we couldn't make him this cake. We made it when he left our team at work and he was suitably in awe. The only way he'd have loved it more would be if it had been made of cheese.

Sumo cake!

My personal favourite. This one was so much fun. Made for a thirteen year-old's birthday party where the guests played with sumo suits. Fantastic. Thanks to the birthday boy's mum for letting me do this. Notice the Liverpool FC and Huddersfield Giants loincloths (what is the technical term for a sumo wrestler's pants?)

The finished cake will be posted when I get the pics from Rich's hard drive.

My Little Pony Castle

This was for a friend's 30th birthday: the theme was 'Kids of the 80's'. I have it on good authority that the birthday girl will be dressed as She-Ra on the special day.