Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Land Rover cake Mk II - this time it's a Defender!

This was commissioned by two friends at work for another friend's 40th birthday. I think it's my favourite so far. I had such fun building it!

Plus, I have a new toy. Edible glue! Rah!

I can't take credit for the roof-rack though - I passed a couple of chopsticks, some kebab skewers and tinfoil to Rich and that's how it came back. He did the hubcaps too - with a mini flower cutter!

6,000 calorie cake!

This was made on request for my husband and our friends during a game of Necromunda that lasted all afternoon (I shouldn't even know that much about Games Workshop!)

It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate truffles. But half-fat creme fraiche so that's OK! I have it on good authority that it has all gone now.